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Inspire Academy is the first and only school at which students can get an EL Education in Muncie, Indiana. We are committed to providing students with opportunities that develop a passion for life-long learning. In keeping with the ancient Hebrew proverb, we believe that children are not vessels to be filled but fires to be lit.

Our Projects:

Here's what we're focusing on right now. You can help!

75 to Thrive

Our first major building payment of $75,000 is due in 2019.  We are looking for 75 people to give $1,000 each to make this payment.

Adding to our new Inclusion Playground

We are adding playground equipment that is more accessible for children with disabilities. Our first goal has been met! Within a few weeks, our playground will have wheelchair accessible surfacing and the first wheelchair swing in Muncie. We're not stopping there, though. We want this new Inclusion Playground - which will be open to community - to be a complete accessible playground where all kids can play. To do this, we will need some support to purchase more equipment.

You can support Inspire Academy by making donations through our Paypal button below

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Make a difference by partnering with us to inspire children to achieve more than they believe is possible, see more than they know exists, and start working today toward a better tomorrow. With the help of supporters like you, we are quickly bringing teacher compensation up to a competitive rate! Help us achieve our goal!
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One of the easiest ways to help is to remember us is when you shop at Amazon.  Amazon has a program called "smile".  When you go to Amazon, type in and then click to your account.  You can either change the charity to support to us or to establish Inspire Academy as your charity of choice.  To find us, click on the search and enter in "Public Charter School of Inquiry".  That is us! Now, whenever you shop via your smile account.  Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Inspire Academy.  That may not sound like a lot, but it sure adds up!

Our teachers will also sometimes list specific projects on   This is a great way to target your support for your child's classroom or a specific project that you like.  For a listing of our current projects, please click here

Many foundations and private individuals throughout Muncie have pledged to support Inspire.  To see a listing of our generous supporters and find out how you can support the students of Inspire, please click here

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