Inspire Academy is a tuition-free, public charter elementary and middle school, with a Pathways to Quality Preschool.

Just because we make learning fun, that doesn’t mean it’s easy! We are committed to academic excellence and are always challenging our students to achieve more than they dream possible. Whether students come to us behind in their skills or ahead of the curve, we always identify what will push them to the next level of academic achievement.

Inspire Academy uses an acclaimed, rigorous curriculum that leverages students' natural inclination toward curiosity and discovery. This approach is highly effective in creating engaged, lifelong learners.

We believe education should empower students to pursue social justice and strive to impact positive change in society. Inspire Academy students learn grade-level standards through meaningful projects and products that address current societal challenges. Students learn best when they are interested in what they are studying, so we make sure our students have plenty of opportunities to apply their learning to real-world situations, both in and out of the classroom. Students who complete elementary and middle school at Inspire Academy are prepared to succeed in diverse settings beyond the classroom walls.

We are well known for our fieldwork. (“Field trip” is kind of a dirty word at Inspire, you’ll learn!) Students at all grade levels get out in a professional environment or outdoor setting regularly to conduct research on topics they are studying. When professionals interact with our students, the most common compliments we get are that our students ask really strong questions and that our students already know the material presented to “field trip” groups and need to go deeper than the prescribed program for traditional schools.

We are a student-centered community at Inspire. If you attend our Exhibition Nights, you will see all students presenting information and sharing their learning with guests, while teachers and administrators stand on the sidelines jotting notes for feedback in class the next day. Students who complete elementary and middle school at Inspire Academy are not afraid of public speaking, because they’ve been doing it since they were little.

In addition to becoming confident in who they are and what they know, Inspire students also quickly learn that our staff crew is committed to listening to student voices and responding to their feedback. Students know what helps them learn and what gets in the way of their learning, and we’re committed to listening and responding!

Our Mission

Inspire Academy - A School of Inquiry (IASI) exists to empower a diverse body of students with an internationally competitive education by fostering students' natural inclination toward curiosity, discovery, and adventure.

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