Description of an Inspire Academy Teacher:

An Inspire Academy Teacher is committed to inquiry and deeper learning that spans long periods of time

Designs and implements curriculum that meets Common Core and Indiana State standards and incorporates hands-on activities to ensure effective and efficient instruction

Explicitly teaches reading skills everyday and monitors student progress regularly as reading is the conduit for deeper learning through inquiry

Understands, can articulate, and is excited about the benefits of looping

Experienced with and committed to the concept of engaging in the learning process with the student as a partner and facilitator

An Inspire Academy Teacher is committed to developing authentic products for authentic audiences with their students

Effectively plan and execute lessons that build daily work into long term, student products of professional quality

Teaches writing and reading skills through long-term projects and products

Understands and leverages the power of audience

Committed to interdisciplinary teaching

An Inspire Academy Teacher is committed to developing students who can self-manage and become leaders of their own learning

Uses learning targets and data regularly with students to guide students toward understanding their own progress and learning process

Creates a safe and organized classroom environment that reflects student work and growth

An Inspire Academy Teacher is committed to being a contributor to a collaborative culture

Continuously improves teaching practice through reflection and collaboration with colleagues and coaches

Attend and participate in professional development, open houses, student-led conferences, one focus team, home visits, and other school functions

Excited about and committed to collaborating with colleagues with the end goal of creating the ideal learning environment for every student

Understands the need for relational connections that create a meaningful educational work environment

An Inspire Academy Teacher is a role model in school and out of school, committed to living by the values we teach

Demonstrates a growth mindset and commitment to one’s own learning and improvement

Creates a safe and organized classroom environment

Displays professionalism at all times as a role model and guardian of school mission, core values, and culture

Delivers reports and paperwork critical to tracking student performance and school compliance in a timely manner with high levels of organization

Demonstrates a strong work ethic and perseverance in the face of challenge, impeccable integrity, empathy for those around him or her, a commitment to quality in all he or she does, and a curiosity that inspires new learning

An Inspire Academy Teacher is committed to working from an asset-based view of children, families, and communities

Deploys a variety of instructional methods to meet the needs of diverse learners

Treats parents as equals and co-workers as educators of their own children

Communicates regularly and respectfully with students and parents to build rapport and relationship

Differentiates instruction to meet the needs of all learners