Assignment Expectations for eLearning Days

1. Teachers must publish all assignments in Rediker by 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the eLearning Day.
2. Students must complete and submit all assignments by 8:00 a.m. the day after the eLearning Day. Teachers may extend this deadline up to 36 hours, at their discretion.
3. The assignment task itself does not have to be electronic, but the assignment description must be in Rediker.
4. The assignment task and target must be standards-based.
5. Student work will cover content that would be addressed on a normal school day. However, students should not be expected to master content they have never seen before the eLearning Day.
6. Assignment lengths should reflect what would be done in class on a normal school day. Assume there will be problems that cause the assignment to take 15% longer than it would if done at school. Teachers should add a disclaimer to assignments, “If this assignment takes longer than X minutes, something is wrong. Please contact your teacher.”
7. All students who have accommodations for instruction will be proved with or have access to those accommodations. The general education teacher and inclusion teacher will collaborate to determine who is the most appropriate person to ensure accommodations are available.
8. For English Language Learners, teachers will provide parents/caregivers appropriate educational
materials for student use per their individualized plan.
9. Each teacher is professionally responsible to implement these guidelines in a way that is
appropriate for their grade level or area of study.

Teacher Responsibilities During the eLearning Day
1. Teachers will have an office hour to answer student questions via phone or video chat.
2. Teachers will check email at least 3 times between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to answer any student questions as needed.
3. Teachers and salaried administrative staff will attend a professional development opportunity from a menu of choices provided by the Executive Director.
4. Teachers and salaried administrative staff will participate in a collaborative online session with their colleagues. For teachers, this will be a PLC meeting.
5. Salaried administrative staff will complete tasks remotely that would be addressed on a
normal school day.

Follow-up Expectations from eLearning Day

1. Parent, student, and staff surveys will be conducted to determine the quality of the eLearning experience and provide feedback for improvement to the process.
2. The Executive Director will provide staff feedback on the amount and quality of work assigned
and completed by both staff and students.


Q1. How is attendance recorded?

A1. Students are expected to send their teachers a check-in email by 9 a.m. on eLearning Days to say that they are engaged and working. It is acceptable for parents to do this on behalf of students in PK – 2 nd Grade.

Q2. How many hours in advance will teachers and families be notified of a cancellation so that there is adequate amount of time to prepare and post assignments?

A2. Due to the fact that eLearning Days occur in response to adverse conditions, notification will be given as soon as a determination is made, but circumstances may not enable us to know ahead of time.

Q3. If families do not have devices at home, how will they complete assignments?

A3. Teacher will provide alternate paper-based assignments that can be completed from home without a device. Please be sure to keep paper and a writing utensil on hand at home throughout winter to be prepared.

Q4. If assignments are not electronic, how will the assignment get to students?

A4. For students who do not have access to the internet or a device at home, if more than a blank piece of paper and writing utensil is needed, teachers will send “just in case materials” home near the beginning of any week with a forecast of treacherous weather. At a minimum, email access via a phone is expected for all families to check in for attendance and to read assignments in Rediker. If your family does not have internet access via a phone, it is important that you notify the school of this immediately so that we can help connect you to resources.