Welcome to Inspire Academy

When you first come through the doors of Inspire Academy, you will quickly realize that you are in a different type of school. As you walk through the halls, you might see a teacher leading a group of students outdoors for fieldwork on the importance of bees, or you may see a student leading a lecture about slavery in the mid-eighteenth century while the teacher is in the back making notes about her speaking style. Inspire Academy understands that students learn best when they are a partner and active participant in their education.

At Inspire Academy, we utilize the EL Education curriculum, which leverages a child's natural curiosity and sense of adventure. Through interactive and project-based lessons we are able to reach students in a more thoughtful manner and excite them about their educational possibilities. At Inspire, students are leaders of their own learning.

Our responsibility to our students is to ensure that when they leave Inspire Academy that they will be judged not by a test result, but rather by the quality of their work and the quality of their character. This approach is what truly sets Inspire Academy apart. To achieve this, we focus on instilling student excellence in three equally important areas:

In addition to regular course work, at Inspire, our students engage in semester-long projects called Expeditions that allow them to combine all of their different lessons together in the creation of a final project. Our Expeditions are project-based learning experiences that engage a student’s natural curiosity and motivates them to seek answers outside of their classroom.

Inspire Academy provides our students an exciting place to learn, where new ideas are welcomed and a child's natural inclination towards curiosity, discovery and adventure are appreciated and encouraged. Our students are inspired to think critically and to take an active role in their classrooms and communities. This leads to higher achievement and greater engagement in school.

Most importantly, we prepare students to compete on a global level and instill within them a desire to become lifelong learners. Inspire Academy is open to all Indiana residents and is committed to targetting students who are not realized their full potential in the traditional classroom setting.