About Our Crew

Inspire Academy - A School of Inquiry is a tuition-free, public charter school in Muncie, Indiana! We are located at 2801 E. 16th Street.

We provide an exciting place to learn, where new ideas are welcomed and a child's natural inclination toward curiosity, discover, and adventure is appreciated and encouraged. Our students are inspired to think critically and take an active role in their classrooms and communities, which leads to higher achievement and greater engagement in school. Most importantly, we prepare students to compete on a global level and instill within them a desire for lifelong learning. Inspire Academy is open to all Indiana residents and is committed to targeting students who are not realizing their full potential in traditional classrooms.

Our History

Inspire Academy received its approval for charter from Ball State University on December 5, 2011 and received the executed charter on April 18, 2013. Inspire Academy opened its doors in August 2013 on the site of the former Garfield School as part of the new Unity Center with a founding student body of 124 students in grades K – 5.

Inspire Academy was Muncie’s first public charter school that serviced children onsite 5 days a week. The school was created in response to the local community's need for another educational option in Muncie. Parents wanted a school where they were seen as partners of the school staff and a place where student participation and inquiry is encouraged. Inspire Academy was birthed out of the community development initiatives of Urban Light Community Church and Urban Light Community Development Corporation.

What Sets Us Apart

Diversity within our faculty and staff and student population is a priority for us. We believe all children learn more when working side by side with others whose experiences are different than their own.

We're also committed to EL Education - an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on arts integration, collaborative learning and character development. Our curriculum is organized around in-depth studies called Learning Expeditions and is shaped by our Ten Design Principles.

Our Commitment

In addition to the mastery of academic subjects, we believe endurance and social responsibility are vital to a student's success. That's why the leadership of Inspire Academy is committed to helping students become collaborators, team players and people of character. We want our students to demonstrate excellence in all areas of life.

Students will master learning targets that align with Indiana Academic Standards and Indiana State Standards across the disciplines.

Strengthening Connections

To reinforce concepts and content, expedition material is incorporated into art, music and physical education lessons. Drawing, painting, singing, creating poems and dancing all play a significant role in strengthening the connection between classroom learning and real life.