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Fourth Grade

Each Expedition is approximately 6 - 8 weeks in length and challenges students to learn new skills and apply them in a way that makes learning fun.  When learing is fun, students absorb and retain more.



Expedition #1: Poetry, Poets and Becoming Writers

In this module, students will learn about poetry and poets through close reading and writing to learn. Throughout the module, they will determine the characteristics of poetry and consider what inspires writers and poets.

At the end of the module, students present heir three-part performance task, a Poet’s Performance, in which students read aloud a poem by their selected poet, share an essay about the poet, and read their original inspired poem.

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Expedition #2: Interdependent Roles in Colonial Times

Students learn about what life was like in Colonial America. They go on to study the many roles people played in a colonial settlement and how necessary their interdependence was for survival. Students select one role to explore more deeply through various forms of nonfiction texts. 

At the end of the module, students participate in several critique experiences during the revision process as they write a research-based narrative that vividly describes an event in a colonist’s life.


Expedition #3: Simple Machines: Force and Motion

In this module, students engage in reading, writing, listening, and speaking to build knowledge of simple machines and how they impact force, effort, and work. Students begin by reading some basic informational text. They then read out loud and perform a short Readers Theater  about simple machines in order to continue building background knowledge about simple machines while also learning the structural elements of drama and practicing reading fluently.


At the end of this module, students will continue to learn about simple machines, and will write an opinion about simple machines in an editorial to be submitted to a fictitious engineering magazine. They will explain what simple machines are and then form an opinion about which simple machine benefits people the most in their everyday lives

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Expedition #4: Susan B. Anthony, the Suffarage Movement, and the Importance of Voting

In this module, students will read, write, and speak about the topic of voting rights and responsibilities. In the first weeks, students will read informational texts that focus on the women’s suffrage movement and the leadership of New Yorker Susan B. Anthony. Specifically, they will read firsthand and secondhand accounts of her arrest and trial for voting in a time when women were outlawed from doing so. Students then read The Hope Chest by Karen Schwabach, a historical fiction novel set in the weeks leading up to the passage of the 19th Amendment.  

They will prepare for their performance task, a Public Service Announcement about the importance of voting. To prepare, they will read various informational texts on contemporary voting to build background knowledge and collect evidence for their scripts. They will then write a draft of their script and practice speaking before recording and presenting their Public Service Announcement to peers, their parents, or local high school seniors


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