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Lottery Process

Enrollment in Inspire Academy - A School of Inquiry will be open to all Indiana residents. Guaranteed space will be given to students enrolled and admitted the prior year and priority in the lottery will be given to siblings of students already enrolled. The school will hold an open enrollment period for a specific three-week period in February. If fully completed applications exceed the number of spaces available, the last business day of the enrollment period will be the deadline for applications to be drawn by a random selection lottery process. An outside, third party will be found to conduct the lottery.

Applications will be available in the school office on school days during school hours. School staff will email, mail, or fax applications upon request. Only applications received at the location designated on the application form and by the lottery deadline will be eligible to participate in the lottery. Complete applications received after the open enrollment period closes, but before the lottery, will not be eligible to participate in the lottery, but will be added to the end of the waiting list created at the time of the lottery. A random selection lottery process will be held within four weeks of the close of open enrollment.

The schools will notify all applicants of the public drawing’s time and place. The lottery is blind to disabilities, testing, grades, etc. Names will be drawn until all classroom seats are filled, then a waiting list will be established, in the order in which they were drawn, to fill openings during the school year for which the student applied. After all eligible names are drawn, the names of applicants who filed after the close of open enrollment will be added.

All applicants offered enrollment shall be required to affirmatively respond to an offer of enrollment on or before the enrollment deadline by submitting a complete enrollment packet. Those not responding by the enrollment deadline will be required to resubmit an application. Completed enrollment packets for applicants selected in the lottery must be received no later than the enrollment deadline. Applications received after the deadline will be added in the order in which they were received.

Applicants on the waiting list must resubmit an application for the following year prior to the enrollment window for the next academic year. Once admitted, students will remain eligible to be admitted for successive years without having to re-enter the selection process.

The lottery will be held once each year. The Office of Charter Schools will be notified, in writing, at least ten (10) days prior to the lottery. Students and families will be invited to attend the drawing. All students selected will be notified of their offer of acceptance in writing and via personal follow-up phone calls. The students not selected will be notified in writing and will be encouraged to choose to remain on the waiting list should a spot become available.

The only preferences allowed in this lottery will be for direct siblings. If one sibling is selected, all others will be enrolled. We will work from kindergarten forward towards the oldest grade. A waiting list by grade level will be created of all remaining applicants. As students withdraw from or transfer out of Inspire Academy, that space will be given to the next person on the waiting list at that grade level. 


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